Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, March 30, 2012

My Homeschool Week

It is time once again to participate in The Homeschool Mother's Journal to share with others things we've done and experienced during our week.

In my life this week...

The weather in Maryland has gotten a little cooler this week.  I've been inside more often and bundled up in sweats and/or a robe.  This is only because I think I'm allergic to cold weather (just kidding).   I do this often when it is cold or cool.  It doesn't effect my husband and kids as much.  In fact, my husband is laying the mulch down in the yard this week.  It has been nice talking to my husband in the evenings on our back deck this week regarding his work, our finances, and the education of our kids.  We needed to iron out some important things.

Both of my daughters are successfully enrolled at a wonderful private school next year.  Therefore, I will just be homeschooling my first grade son next year.  I have a Journal Writing Class, a fun Music Class, and Tiger Cubs with my husband planned for him already next year.  I think I'll need to get in better shape over the summer to keep up with him next year!

Speaking of summer, my two daughters and youngest son are gearing up for Swim Team.  My oldest daughter, Kristen, will have a volunteer job at a local hospital over the summer as she wants to go into nursing.  We are so proud of her because we witness her taking on a leadership role with her peers when group projects need to be completed or team efforts come into play.  She has also, numerous times, turned to her Spanish teacher for help and increased her studying to raise her grade and understand the subject better.

In our homeschool, we are now more focused on our Summer Schedule of Math, Latin, Religion, and Writing/Reading (we also have to finish our History).

In our homescool week....

Math:  Reducing by Grouping Factors Equal to One and Dividing Fractions; Common Denominators, Part 1; Test; Common Denominators, Part 2; Corrections; View Dive CD on Mentally Dividing by 10 and 100.

Religion:  Unit 2, Chapter 3 on Jesus' Forgiveness:  Compared two religious articles: 1) "Obstacle Course" and 2) "Sound Bite"; Religion Class:  Charity (like giving someone fish) vs. Social Justice (teaching someone to fish)

Writing:  Completed Final Draft with Bible Verse on paper titled "Giving Joy."  Also completed Dress Ups and Sentence Starters for this paper.  Continued to edit book report titled, "Girl of Kosovo."

Latin:  Second Declension (masculine only); Choose Indirect Objects and Translate; Translate in Latin, Parse, Diagram, and Translate to English; Indirect Objects and Dative of Reference; Chapter Reading - Translate "The Trojan Horse" summary into English.

Kindergarten:  Journal/Religion - The Scourging at the Pillar (Co-op Class) and Jonah and the Whale; Math -  Addition and Subtraction; Phonics; Science - Rocks are Part of the Land; Reading; Map Skills - Natural and Man-Made Boundaries and Direction; History - Family Tree; Prayer - Morning Offering and Rosary.

I am inspired by...The judges on the Supreme Court who respect the Constitution.

I'm Cooking...Grill Cheese sandwiches for lunch and Salmon for dinner on this Friday during Lent.

A quote to share...

"May your moccasins cross the threshold of Truth, And may your trail lead into the beauty beyond." 


  1. Wow! The amount of work you cover with your children in a week always amazes me! :-) It has been quite cool in PA this week, too. We had a spring-like winter, so I guess it's ok that we had a bit of winter-like week. lol. My kids still lament the fact that we didn't have any snow. Hope you have a great weekend! God bless, Lisa

  2. Wow! You have been busy. I love productive weeks. :) Looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you more.

  3. looks like a great week to me! looking forward to reading your post on the Intro and chapter 1 from our Shepherding a child's heart book club! ;)