Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Homeschool Week

It is time once again for The Homeschool Mother's Journal which is a great way to recap your week.  In a way, it is like an inventory of what has occurred and a great keepsake for memories.

In my life this week...

We have been blessed with Spring-like weather here in Maryland this week while my two college sons came home for their Spring break.  It is wonderful to have them home and therefore, we are taking it easier this week in regards to homeschooling. 

My oldest visited a friend who goes to college in New York for a few days.  After his sweet sweet girlfriend picked him up from the bus stop, they came to our house and colored eggs with my five year old.  It is so great to see my two oldest sons interact with my five year older.  He looks up to them soooo much and they love him immensly. 

My second oldest son has a doctor appointment tomorrow for just a check up on his fractured color bone.  He finally is over the pain and discomfort of having to wear a sling and deal with this injury.  I am so grateful because it hasn't been easy for him.

My daughters are both doing well.  My oldest daughter is getting extra help from her Spanish teacher this week as she goes to a private high school.  My youngest daughter may join her there next year, but we're not sure we can afford it.  Then I would only have a first grader in homeschool next year.  I will have to find activities to keep him busy.

In our homeschool week...

We talked about the Eight Peaceful Reform Movements in America for History and kept up our early morning routine for Saxon Math and Voyages in English. 

I have been giving my seventh grader more supplemental problems in Math to help her retain the rules to memory better.  My five year old was frustrated the other day in Math.  Therefore, I gave him a set of easier problems.  The following day, he asked me if he could go back to try the harder problems again!

My five year old continued his journaling with the Bible story of Elijah and The Sorrowful Mysteries.

My middle schooler completed her book report on "God's Smuggler" and is currently doing another one on "The Girl of Kosovo."  She also finished her final drafts on a physicist report for Science and her paper titled "His Simple Way."  She utilizes IEW - (Institute for Excellence in Writing) techniques in her writing assignments.  I highly recommend this approach!

I am inspired by... Johnette Benkovich.

Questions/Thoughts I have...

Do any of you think about subjects you may continue in the summer?  I believe with my middle schooler I will focus on Math and Latin and occasional writing projects combines with reading short stories.  My to be first grader will continue with everything but at a slower pace.

Things I'm Working on...

I am trying to eat healthier and take vitamins and iron.  I am also on medicine for hyperplasia which if it doesn't clear up in three months, I may have to have a hysterectomy.  I've been keeping a journal of what I've been eating on a daily basis.  I've lost five pounds.

Some Pictures to Share...

Winter Sports Award Banquet: My Daughter received Most Improved Swimmer.

Three Amigos in our Homeschool Co-op

My Journal Writing Class

My son doing Math


  1. All the best with your health journey! It's not easy to write down everything you eat, is it? I'm doing the same here.

    Except for participating in the library summer reading program and an occasional "class", we don't continue studies in the summer months. It's a time for us to unwind from a busy school year and get excited about the next one. It's a time to read, play, read, play! LOL Oh, and swim and hike and garden. Learning still continues though!

  2. In the summer I like to do a little "unschooling" by following their interests and leads. Last year my 12 year old wanted to paint his bike, so he had to take it apart himself, do all the sanding and prep work, paint and reassemble it. We also did lots of science experiments and nature research. They're still learning, but it's following their interests. It's awesome to watch.

  3. We are probably going on through the summer with the same thing you are. My son will be first grade next year as well so I am going to keep going with breaks and plenty of time to play :)