Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Have a H.E.A.R.T.

How To Have a HEART for Your Kids

It's time to talk about Chapter 5 in How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for your Kids by Rachael Carman.  If you would like to join in the conversation just click on this link to visit Amanda Pelser's blog.  Chapter 5 was titled "Teach Them the Truth."  (Sorry So Late in posting but I was having some technical difficulty).

This chapter begins by pointing out all the lies that have taken root in our culture.  As I sit here, one of my college sons will be attending Lobby Night in our state to talk to legislators about preserving religious freedom and traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  The lies are now confrontational where we need to "speak out publicly to resist their further advancement" or be forced to violate our beliefs.  When we teach our kids the truth of God's Word, they become skilled at defending these unjust assaults to our most important freedoms and virtuous traditions.  They do not fall prey to accepting the "relative truth" that is so permissive in our world.  Truth is not relative and does not change from one day to the next according to the way the one in power feels.  With the onslaught of lies engulfing our culture, our children need to know that "followers of Jesus Christ have what the world needs:  timeless, unchanging, dependable, and knowable truth."  We can no longer just enjoy our freedoms but are returning to times when we have to fight for them.  The divine power of God provides us with a life-giving Church which always points above and beyond herself with a call to holiness through our knowledge of Jesus Christ.  These are the means necessary for godliness and life our children need to put first in their lives.

Rachael refers to many virtuous characters referenced in the Bible whose "knowledge probably affected their actions."  As homeschoolers, we can 'pass the baton' to our children every day about many who have displayed "godly examples of faithful living."  I utilize some great Saint books from Loyola Press:  Saints and Feast Days - A Resource and Activity Book and The Loyola Treasury of Saints - From the time of Jesus to the present day.  America's Founding Fathers are also good examples of virtue.  We also use Finding God, Following Jesus by Loyola Press where we actually compare and discuss religious articles and bible verses, developments in the Church, and various Saints and missionaries.  My daughter is presently attending a Confirmation class at a local parish.

I was so happy to hear Rachael say she sings hymns with her children.  I remember when my two oldest were younger, I would serenade Church hymns to them while they ate their lunch.  I also taught and designed a dance and movement class with various religious songs and simple sign language.  It was great fun.  Rachael also stresses the need for family worship time.  Every Sunday after Mass, we all came together for family prayer.  It was my favorite time of the week.  We still do this and hope my children will carry on this tradition in their own families.

I really enjoyed Rachael's book and it warms my heart to know that others put God's Word as a top priority into their lives!  Homeschoolers have alot of responsibilities and it has been a pleasure to take a break from teaching to feed myself with wisdom from other virtuous Christians by participating in this great book discussion.  Thank you!

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