Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time for Santa's Visit

It is almost Christmas Eve.  In our home that means Santa will be visiting our house.  It has been a tradition for dh to come as Santa to bring small gifts to us.  Mom films the whole event.  My four older children know the real story of Santa (Saint Nicholas) while my four year old is caught on film with wonder and joy for this jolly man dressed in red that is so giving to others!  Afterwards, when dh is no longer dressed up, I film the conversation he has with the children about the jolly visitor to our home that he missed because he had to run out to the store.  It is a wonderful way to capture our children's Christmas joy and innocence on film while they are young.  This is all after we've attended Mass and worshipped the Lord as the best gift for us.  We all are aware that we should not get wrapped up in the commercialization of Christmas.  My children never want too much.  In fact, my two older boys just want money to be able to go snowboarding or take a special trip with their friends.  My children are aware that too much 'stuff' just clutters up our lives.  They know the true meaning of Christmas and how our Savior came as a poor needy child.  Jesus is our shining example of how we are to live our lives with honor and worship for the greatest Giver that ever lived on earth.  Santa is just a wonderful way to bring the act of giving to others as an important virtue to our children.

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