Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook - April, May, and June 2017

I am participating in a Simple Woman's Daybook for April, May, and June 2017.

Outside my is presently a cool overcast day.  It is a great day to home-school.  I usually don't turn the fireplace on in April...but I did today for a little while.  I think we have global cooling in Maryland because it is June when I type this next sentence and it is still cooler than usual. 

Finally, today: June 13th, we are having some sunny hot weather. A wonderful home-school father and his sons are putting in a new back deck for us.  I might have to give them some popsicles later to cool them off.

I am Thinking...that I hope the Lord guides the progress of my children.  

Colin/26 - Receiving his Ph.D. in Engineering and this fall going to live with some Franciscan Monks in New York to help serve the homeless for a short period. He expressed that he does not want to become a priest nor has he given up on girls.  Therefore, we will see where the Holy Spirit leads him! 

Brandyn/25 - Living at home to finish up his Nursing Degree at the local community college. Also working part time at University of Maryland in Baltimore Hospital. 

Kristen/21 - Just transitioned from University of Maryland to Montgomery College to finish up her Nursing Degree.  She will be going on a mission trip this summer to Latin America and working as a lifeguard sub at the local pool.  

Claire/17 - Attending University of Nebraska in the fall to begin her degree program in early childhood education.  We are currently attending her high school graduation celebrations.  She is on swim team and life guarding at the local pool for her summer job.

Patrick/10 - Continuing to finish up 5th grade home-school lessons and participate in swim team and soccer.

I am Thankful...for the deacon at our local parish as he communicated with my brother who has colon cancer to see if the Church can assist him in any way while he is getting treatment. That was in April.  Now it is June and they should offer him Prayers of the Sick sacrament.  

I am also thankful that my fifth grader was able to speed up his completion of his fourth quarter home-school material. Now he is basically finishing up just reading and vocabulary.  He is working on a book report about Saint John Bosco by Catherine Beebe.  He said that he may choose this Saint for his Confirmation name. Right now he is outside at recess playing with a neighbor.

In the Kitchen...We had pork chops, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob.  That was in April.  In June, Brandyn helped me make up my own seasoning for the pork chops.  It turned out very good.  

Last night, June 12th, my hubby barbecued chicken and potatoes.  I love the way potatoes taste when they are barbecued. Although I didn't have dinner last night as my stomach did not feel so good. 

I am Wearing...Black sweats with a blue tee and grey and pink jacket.  Cozy clothes to snuggle indoors on this rainy day.  That was in April.  Now (in June) I'm wearing black jeans, short sleeved blouse, black sweater, and flip flops. Today, June 13th, I'm in shorts as it is very hot today.

I am Creating...a simple craft to have for my journal writing class and a yummy dessert for the end of the year celebration for our home-school coop. That was in April.  

In June, I am continuing to develop ideas for my journal writing class.

I am Looking Forward to...sunny and warm weather with the swim team starting up for our two youngest children and life guarding positions for my daughters.  The swim team pasta dinner is this Friday evening.  I am making Creamy Pesto-Chicken Casserole.

I am Hearing...three of my kids and the dog fooling around and playing in the background with hubby talking on the phone about college to my daughter at University of Maryland.  That was in April.  

Now it is June and I was the first one up today.  It is 8:00 a.m. and I hear a couple others beginning to rise. Today, June 13th, I hear the men and boys working on the deck.

Around the House...In April, we finally cleared out much of the clutter in our basement, got new walls and new floor with some book shelves too.  It looks much better.  We will be getting a new air conditioning and new deck in June.

I am Praying...for my brother who has colon cancer. I am also praying for my mother who is very worried.  I am also praying for myself that I do not have any setbacks or recurring issues with my illness as I have recently. I am currently receiving some treatment. I am also praying for my oldest son who is over in Sweden for his career.

One of My Favorite Things...was celebrating Easter with the family and taking a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland.  That was April.  Now in June we are busy with Claire's graduation celebrations.  Here is a pic to share:

A Few Plans for Next Week...finish my craft for my journal writing class and turn in religious education registration to Mother Seton Parish.

Here are some recent pics to share of one of the graduation events my family attended for my daughter:

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