Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - August

I am participating in a Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my was very warm and sunny here in Maryland today.  My son and I have been taking our dog, Bella, on many walks lately.  My son usually rides his new bike while I walk the dog.  We'll try to continue to do this during the homeschool year on nice days!

I am Thinking...I am glad I ordered my hubby the book I'm reading (see below) so that we can read it together (I'll re-read it) and discuss it.  It is a great book and I think it will help our relationship grow stronger.  He needs his own copy because I've written all over the margins in mine.

I am Thankful...for the two vacation trips we've been able to take.  My hubby and I visited California for our cousin's daughter's wedding.  We had a wonderful time.  Here are some pics:
Our cousin's daughter is the bride

My hubby and I and his two sisters.

Laguna Beach in California
Berlin Wall at Reagan Library

I'm holding Reagan's hand!

We also took our usually family vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.  Here are some pics:

Mom and three youngest

Whole family together


In the Kitchen...We barbecued pork chops and corn on the cob and made fresh green beans last night.  We are eating leftovers tonight as there are only three of us here.  One of my daughters returned to college this morning and hubby is helping her bring items to her apartment on campus.

I am exercise shorts and colorful tee (again).

I am Reading...How to be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving (still)

I am Creating...A place for organized recipes.

I am Looking Forward to...going to our new coop meeting for moms.  We will be doing two coops this year.  One is every other week and the other is every week.  I only am a lead teacher in the coop every other week and have all my lessons planned out.  In the second coop, I am just an assistant and helper.  Therefore, it will be manageable.  My son is willing to take on a couple classes in both history and science rather than just one for each.  He will have to work harder but he should be able to.

I am Hearing...the phone ringing and it is my doctor calling.  I made an appointment with her.  I've been able to manage my illness a little better recently.

Around the House...I straightened the lower "junk" cabinet in the kitchen the other day.  I bought some items to hold the dog food rather than keeping it in the giant bag.  It is much easier to manage.  I also organized my recipes in a book.  Now I have to type and print them all out neatly and put them into some kind of binder.  Here is a pic:

I am Praying...for my children and a dear friend who had a double mastectomy and her family.  I was so glad I got to see her the other day!

One of My Favorite Things...was being on vacation with the family all together.  Next year we have to put up a bigger shady area on the beach as our family is growing with girlfriends and such.

A Few Plans for Next Week...we are going to our first coop and I am all prepared.  It will be a good time.

Here is a recent pic to share:  This is hubby and I on beach in Ocean City -

Mom and Dad


  1. Thanks for sharing your day! It's always fun to "get to know" other people from SWBD. That book you're reading sounds really good. I am going to have to look it up.

    1. If you read it, just make a note that sometimes the author will focus on the "self" when it could be focused on God in some areas. It is still a great read!

  2. Beautiful family photos.
    I keep my favorite recipes in a binder too. Late summer is the perfect time to start, as binders and page dividers and page protectors are on-sale everywhere with back-to-school supplies.

    Visiting from SWD. Mine's up at Practically at Home.