Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Crabby Leaders Who Want to Control You

I am suddenly faced with a very strange situation this summer regarding the employment of four of my children as lifeguards at a local pool with an arrogant manager. My two oldest sons worked at the pool years ago in their first high school job. This manager unjustly fired both of them at the end of the summer for being arrogant.  There were no facts or proof...just her and her crabby sister's opinion.  I can still see the numbness on the faces of my two beautiful young sons after she fired them.  My heart was broken and there seemed to be nothing I could do.

It took time for my heart to mend even though the memory of the hurt will probably be with me the rest of my life.  I never knew this manager.  I just knew of her.  I knew basically two things: 1) she arrogantly fired my two sons, and 2) she always sits in the front at Mass on Sundays.  These two facts don't seem to fit together...if you know what I mean.

Anyway, fast forward to the present during this summer and now my two daughters are working at the same pool with one of the same crabby managers. After my daughter told her that she disagreed with her treatment of yelling at another employee who had to take an important family phone call, she began trying to communicate to me more.  One day, she actually followed me around the pool with a big smile on her face.  It was a bit uncomfortable.  Therefore, I tried to tell her to lighten up in a friendly tone and said, "keep those employees smiling!"  That was my mistake.  As I continued to walk out the entrance, she called my name: "Mrs. Miller?" As I turned she asked me (the mother of the two sons she fired and never spoke to in her life): "Is there a problem?" I'm going to bring up my disapproval of the past and jeopardize my two daughters current employment or approve of her past negligent behavior when it was wrong.  After a long pause, she continued her probing questions to the woman she hurt in the past and doesn't even know: "It's like you think I never make employees smile.?."  I finally said, "No, that is not the case."  I don't even know her well enough to claim this is how she is all the time even though some other parents have similar complaints.

To continue, I found the strength the other day to be cheerful upon greeting her when I had to put my daughter's lunch in the refrigerator. She returned my greeting in a friendly way.  Afterwards, that was the first time my daughter was able to leave work early to shower and change before she had to return to coach the swim team.  It is almost like the way I treat her determines how she will treat my daughters. This is such a strange feeling to me and appears to be how arrogant leaders control others.  It is a pervasive evil tactic in our society. Hopefully, this is not the only factor that determines how she treats my two daughters.

With all this happening, I often think of Ted Cruz and how Donald Trump trashed his wife and family, set him up to dramatize his speech at the convention, and gladly ruined his career by saying he wouldn't accept his endorsement if he gave him one. You just don't trash fellow patriots and good people this way.  It's just like the crabby manager at the pool who tried to ruin my two sons lives.  I would never agree with her heartless actions.  Just like Ted can never agree with Trumps false heartless accusations about his own family.  Trump doesn't care at all about how he heartlessly slandered Ted's family.  Even after Ivanka said that she doesn't vote by party but what is important to their family.  It appears that Ted's family doesn't count.

Donald Trump has the power and position to apologize to Ted for slandering his family to release him from the agony of feeling he has to choose between his family and his country.  Republicans are proving they are cry babies just like democrats when they don't get what they want when they want it.  Just like liberals, they will exclude Ted from political affairs now.  Liberals try to exclude anyone who doesn't think exactly like they do...especially if your a republican (IRS scandal). It appears the country wants a leader that can be a jerk if he wants to be.  I perfectly understand Ted's hesitation in endorsing Trump. Rather than apologize to Ted like a compassionate leader to bring him into the fold, Trump's choice is to squash him like a bug ruining his reputation, This is exactly what liberals do and has been what Ted has been trying to warn us about all along. Yes, I will be voting for Trump just because he is much better than Hillary regarding our safety and respect for our military and law enforcement. At the same time, I will be praying for Ted Cruz and his family and watching the pep rally along with them.

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