Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekend Happenings

This month of April in Maryland is so nice when the temperature is in the low 70's because we can spend a lot of time out on our back deck without mosquitoes, knats, and heat.  We thouroughly enjoyed the outdoors this past weekend.

To begin, this is a picture of my daughter getting ready to attend her junior prom on Friday night.  She said, "we danced all night."  Therefore, I know it was a good time.  She double dated with her good friend.  When I picked her up Saturday morning, I drove with the windows down and listened to oldies.  It is about an hours drive as her friend lives in Virginia.  This is what life is like when one lives in the Maryland, WDC, Virginia corridor.  The kids private high schools have students attending from both states and often have to receive rides from parents to and from activities.

Furthermore, my hubby bought a new deck chair and pillows for the chairs we currently have on the deck.  We ate our dinner both nights out on the back deck.  Saturday we had Salmon and Sunday we had sishkabobs.  Our neighbor's cat wanted some of our Salmon.  It was quite comical.  On Sunday, we said family prayers on the deck after dinner.  Hubby and I were also able to take our traditional walks on the bike path in town.  This is great exercise for us with my occasional arthritis and after my hubby's heart surgery.

On Sunday it was so heartwarming to hear our son playing with the neighbors children all day long.  It is such a joy to hear the laughter of children in the neighborhood.  My hubby and son also cleaned up all the debris in the yard (sticks and stuff). It is nice to see how helpful my youngest child is when we need help with something.

I was able to register and submit the downpayment for my son to attend a new homeschool coop next year that meets weekly.  They provide history, science, art/choir, and IEW.  It will be good for us.  I also plan to continue to attend our current coop which is further away and meets bi-weekly.  I will not have to plan and teach in the new coop. I can plan my materials over the summer to teach in the old coop.  I will have to assist and help out where I can in both coops.  I think we can swing both coops because the one we're in now does not include core subjects but usually fun type classes.  I can do all my planning over the summer and it only meets twice a month.  I've begun planning my crafts for the class I'm teaching this weekend.

I also began reading The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church by Monica Migliorino Miller (out on the back deck in my new chair). I'm really enjoying this book.  I was able to call grandma to see how she is doing too.  It was good to talk to her.  We attended the 11:00 am Mass and there were baptisms for about 5 or 6 infants.  It was nice to see. We completed the final edits on my son's book report about Thomas Aquinas, and I was able to take a long bath, shave, and apply lotion to my dry skin.  It was a good weekend with beautiful weather that we took advantage of spending much time outdoors.

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