Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eileen is Grateful

I am so excited to be able to participate in a Thankful Woman's Blessings this week.  My younger daughter was accepted at the same private school my older daughter attends and, therefore, we've been able to change to our summer homeschool schedule.  This gives me more time for me - yay!  Judy Dudich hosts this wonderful meme.  Just click on the link to participate by listing five things you've been thankful for this past week.

1)  I am tremendously thankful to be able to go to confession at my daughter's school on Thursday afternoon.  I have been too busy or something always seems to 'pop up' during the reconciliation hours at our parish on Saturdays.  Therefore, it was just what I needed right before Holy Week began.  I am also grateful for this new priest at the school.  He seems to be so sweet.

2)  I am thankful for being able to see my two girls help my husband usher at the 7:30 mass this past weekend.  We were also able to bring up the gifts on this past Palm Sunday.

3)  I am grateful that we can attend the Easter Vigil at University of Maryland's Catholic Student Center to witness to my son's girlfriend be confirmed.  She chose St. Ann, the mother of Mary, as her Confirmation Saint.

4)  I am totally thankful for being able to cast my vote for the primaries in Maryland.  The voting booths were not very crowded here in Montgomery County because (unfortunately) it is filled with Dems.

5)  I am grateful for the nice birthday my family had for me.  My girls posted secret notes up all over the house for me to see.  I was surprised by phone calls from my college boys and a yummy birthday cake.  I just had to pour a glass of wine to go with it.  My Mom also surprised me with a call.  The weather was beautiful, the traffic was light, and policemen looked like babies as I passed them on the road (boy - am I getting old).  It was a great day all in all.


  1. What a wonderful list! My oldest DS is a Mass server & it brings me such joy to watch him assisting on the altar. All of my kids love when we volunteer as gift bearers. So, I can understand how you feel about #2.

    Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like it was a nice one for you. Have a Blessed Easter!

  2. Have a blessed Easter. And happy birthday!