Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is time to participate at Judy's blog in a Thankful Woman's Blessings to express our gratitude for the good things that have happened to us in our walk with the Lord during this past week.  Just click on Judy's name to participate.

 1)  I am so grateful that I was able to participate in our parish woman's group today for part of their meeting.  It is such a joy to come together with other Catholic women in prayer and fellowship.  I am also thankful that I will be able to participate in their meeting more often during the school year because our co-op is being held on a different day this year.  My daughter will also be able to help babysit for all the moms and make a little money.  She has expressed a desire to do this.

2)  I am thankful that my oldest daughter was able to teach four classes of swim lessons to little ones this week.  It is very good money and she enjoys working with most of the children.  There are a couple who do not listen well but it is a good learning experience for her.  My husband and I coach her on ways to approach any difficulties that come up and she seems to be doing a very good job.  This is another reason why I have been unable to blog much lately.  I thought all the driving for swim team would be over by now.  Now I drive for swim lessons.  Oh well - it is a beneficial sacrifice.  I do not like feeling like a taxi service.

3)  I am grateful that my two college sons returned from New York City safe and sound.  They took a trip to visit their good friend that goes to Fordham University and chose to stay and work there over the summer.

4)  I am thankful for such a kind Religious Ed. Director who is letting my seventh grade daughter continue to participate in the Confirmation program on a sporadic basis.  We will be doing most of the work together at home and she will occasionally attend the classes.

5)  I am thankful that my three youngest children and I were able to visit my mom in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia on Monday.  It is an hour and a half away and we have been so busy that we haven't seen her for a long while.  It was a joy to see her as I know we will get too busy again during the school year.  She does not like to drive much so cannot make it down our way often.


  1. Prayer & fellowship is so wonderful! I've been part of a prayer group for about 11 years now & it's been great for my faith journey/growth.

    Glad to hear you had a nice trip to visit your mom.

  2. EILEEN! I am just a stone's throw from BS, WV! In fact, we are headed there tomorrow to play "in the run" at the Springs with some friends! My son and his family live there too! You were just about next door to me!!!!
    Sounds like your kids are having quite an exciting summer! Thanks for sharing it with us:)

  3. Glad you got to see your mom. Busy summer for you! I never liked playing taxi either when my boys were home. We lived far from everything!! Great experience for your daughter, teaching swimming!