Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Typical Homeschooling Day

My fifth grader is homeschooled and here is a record of a typical homeschool day from yesterday.  Yes, it was halloween but we still were diligent in doing our work.  Afterwards, my son went out with his big brother for an hour before he got dressed for trick-or-treating with the neighborhood kids.  Neighbors gathered in our court for a potluck and fellowship.

Religion:  Study and discuss two paintings of the Nativity and Coronation

Math:  Converting Units of Weight and Mass (Saxon 65 - second edition)

English:  Exercise on Nouns of Prepositions

Handwriting:  Cursive

History:  Complete chapter review on Andrew Jackson and Map Skills (Latitude and Longitude)

Reading:  Read stories on the Wright Brothers and the Israelites and answer questions

Phonics:  Work on dipthongs

Science:  Complete review quiz on brain and nerves

Spelling:  Spelling Test

Vocabulary:  Exercises on passage containing words and writing the definitions, circling the correct word used in the meaning of a sentence, synonyms and antonyms

Nucleus of Life (Journal)-picture above: Write first draft paragraph of story about a character who displays virtue.

Science Coop work:  Stinging, Crawling, and Squirming Animals - Read chapter, complete worksheet, and make vocabulary cards

Physical Education:  Patrick has his last soccer game this Saturday.  He will be taking an Upward basketball program over the winter.

Art/Music:  He is learning from some wonderful teachers at his Coop.  We attend Coop once a week.

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