Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
Love it!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - September 6, 2013

It's time for the Weekly Wrap Up for my homeschool week.

In my life this week...My son's new sling shot came in the mail.  I showed him how to use it by shooting a grape across the kitchen.  He found some crab apples from a tree in the middle of our court.  Boy, does it shoot far.  We went for a long walk with the dog and he brought his sling shot with crab apples in his pocket.  We've had beautiful weather this week in Maryland.

Now that the private school my daughters attend have a bus service, I get home thirty minutes earlier than last year when I had to drive them all the way into Virginia.  It is nice not having to drive the beltway.  When the weather is cold or rainy though, I know they will want to wait in the car until the bus comes.  Therefore, we may only save fifteen minutes or so.  

On Labor day, my husband took the kids to the pool before it closed for the summer.  The kids played so well together that day.  The girls got all their homework done for the return to school on Tuesday.  It was a very relaxing day for all of us.

In our homeschool week...

Religion:  Devotion, Bible and Prayers everyday.

Math:  Word problems, patterns, addition, equal groups, fractions, time, money, line segments, regrouping, subtraction, hundreds, liquid measures, shapes, dates, hundreds, speed drills, greater than and less than, expanded numbers, place value, fact families, length

Latin:  Started Lesson 2 - Learned six Latin words, some consonants, diphthongs, and watched instructional CD, and I bought some index cards for studying the vocabulary words.

NOL Journaling:  Wrote draft on My Cool Sling Shot.  Drew and colored picture and neatly wrote the final.

Spelling:  homophones and test

Reader:  Finished work on the book Keep the Lights Burning Abbie and wrote the draft paragraph on My Happiest Moment.  Also read Never Ask a Bear by Louise Bonnet-Rampersaud and related following the Ten Commandments to the story because it was about following rules.

History:  Did notebooking about the Celts and Anglo-Saxons of Britain.  We also learned about Beowulf.  Did map work, test, and oral questions.  Learned about St. Augustine of Canterberry and great monasteries.

Helpful homeschool tips...I use my journal idea every week.  Here is a link on my website for some of the most recent stories we drew and wrote about:

Places and People...My friend and I went to a meeting to empower women.  It is almost like a prayer meeting but the women are so nice and it felt good to get out and have some time for ourselves.  I love meeting new women.

My favorite thing...was spending time with my friend and letting our sons play together.  Also attending our first home Maryland football game together.

Things I'm working on...I'm still working on getting a learning center for homeschooling in our basement.

I'm cooking... I made chicken in the crock pot one night.

I'm grateful for...being able to homeschool.

I'm praying for...The country of Syria

I rewarded my kids by...buying the sling shot for my son.

Something I have my eye on...A day to put up my white board (still).

A photo...Here is Bella sleeping on the couch while we homeschool.


  1. oooh a sling shot.
    Love it!
    Sounds like you had a great week!
    My husband went to Maryland. We moved from there to Texas (random fact).
    Have a blessed week.
    Great Wrap Up!

  2. Wonderful to hear from you. I would love to visit Texas some day.