Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall 2010/2011 School Year

The school year of 2010/2011 is off to a good start for our family. My two oldest have chosen their majors of Engineering and Psychology, my daughter has adjusted extremely well to her new Catholic high school after being homeschooled through 8th grade, and my two youngest are doing well with homeschooling and our little co-op.

We did run into some snags with my daughters Religious Education class as some of the students in this class did not pay attention at first. I had to stop teaching this class and my daughter attends sporatically through out the year. I've been able to cover more at home with her than in this class. I was very worried about it initially but the problem seems to be solved now.

My oldest daughter is on the swim team at her highschool and my youngest daughter is still taking ballet. I hope to someday take private lessons with her. It is too expensive right now, but it is a nice dream and goal. Thanksgiving is coming up fast, and I will be able to see my mom if all goes well. I am so happy that the Lord is leading our family.

It is such a joy to see my four year old learning to love his work and learning how to write now.  In the co-op class I teach the children love the Creation Work and Baptismal Work I show them.  Both of these works can easily be made by mom.  They are posted on my website at under the Teacher's Aids section. 

The Baptism work just involves purchasing a paten and chalice.  We set up a prayer table with unconsecrated hosts.  I purchased these items from Autom, a Catholic supplier of items.  I also have a Crucifix and statue of Mary.  I show my four year old a picture of the last supper.  Both works have songs associated with them using some sign language. 

Recently, my 4 year old has been putting on his halloween costume and pretending to be batman.  My boys all had this drive in them to do good things for people and save the world through their various heros and characters while they were young.  My girls did too but did not have the same strong drive towards this activity as my sons have shown.  My daughters have shown this desire in a more gentle and subtle way.  God's plan for man and woman is evident even in the very young!

My oldest daughter is adjusting nicely to her new school.  I have met some wonderful parents and daughters.  She has made many wonderful friends there.  The teachers and staff are very hospitable and serious about their work.  There are a couple that may be difficult to learn from but this is part of growing up.  There is an Opus Dei prayer meeting for parents at the school once a month that I am eager to go to as soon as I get the chance. 

My youngest daughter is doing well in homeschooling.  I am able to keep up with grading her work much better ever since I stopped teaching the RE class.  I also have some additional moments to post to my blog.  You can see that I don't get around to it often. 

The material chosen for History and Science in our co-op classes is perfect for her.  I am assisting in her History class and it really is a joy to teach.  I like to do some extra research at times to present it to the class because there are some minor discrepancies in the text.  They are going to play jeopardy in their next class which should be fun.  My daughter has to study for it.  Say some prayers that I can quiz my daughter later because I have a full schedule today.   I have to bring my son to the orthodontist today and then drive him back to University of Maryland.

My two oldest sons are doing well at University of Maryland.  I had the joy of seeing them at some of the home football games with their friends.  We are so blessed that they come and hang out at our tailgate for a little while.  They have chosen their majors as stated above.  My oldest knew right away that he wanted Engineering.  My other son just recently chose Psychology.  They are very different fields, and it is interesting how each of them have shown their passion.  My oldest may minor in Philosopy along with Engineering.  What awesome friends they both have at school.  All polite and fun to be around!  I have great hope for all of my children!

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