Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Inner Freedom vs. Outer Freedom on July 4th

It is such a joy to experience the 'inner freedom' that comes from knowing Christ and living out His mission as a loyal disciple. It is this 'inner freedom' that has brought our country to the success she has today because it is our Faith that fosters how we communicate and serve others. America has always been a giving nation. Let's pray that we can continue to strengthen this 'inner freedom' that surpasses the 'outer freedom' which only seeks attention and has selfish pursuits. It is this 'inner freedom' that helps bring about the right kind of 'outer freedom' as individuals can be united in virtuous aims that bring a sense of justice to society. It all begins with how much love is in our hearts. Oftentimes, when ones vision is weak and immature a false sense of 'outer freedom' leaves less autonomy and more controls on virtuous family life.

In the Bishops statement called "Economic Justice for All" they stated that, "We see the struggles of ordinary families to make ends meet and provide a better future for their children." I have to ask myself, "Is every family ordinary? and What are the criteria to be called an ordinary family?" I would like to call all parents to be 'EXTRAORDINARY' in raising their children by immersing them in the Faith. It is this 'inner freedom' that results from a strong Faith life that children do not learn about in the public school system. Parents need to take the time and efforts to teach their young children to incorporate a more serious desire to be a disciple of Christ. This, in turn, will be spread into our society as our children continue to put others first in the way they interact and do business as they grow. A true disciple runs the race or partakes in the human journey with his eyes on the prize! Peace and happiness reign when this prize is the love for the Sacred Heart of Christ!

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